Monday, February 18, 2013

Parmesan CHEESE

In previous posts, I raved about this processed stuff.  Low calories, low fat for the amount you were able to add to your Spaghetti squash.  I have discovered something...DON'T use it.  Buy the real stuff!!! Then only add an ounce of it.  When I use the processed it swells my hands and causes me to lose at a much slower rate.  The same amount of calories with a little more fat when you add the real thing does NOT do this.  Always use real!!!

Sunday, November 11, 2012


Eating went great this week. The only thing this little munchkin wants my breakfast everyday now and not hers:)   Come Sunday I was really wanting some cookie dough.  I was pretty happy with myself when I made cookies at 11 pm and didn't so much as have a taste. (for my primary class the next morning at 9)  The next day was Sunday and that is usually my eat so much sugar I am in coma state.  I HAD NONE:) :)  YAHOO for me.  I really did have a much better feeling all day.  Once it was over that is!!! In the middle while I was watching everyone eat tasty food in front of me I was thinking just have a cookie.  So happy I stayed strong that was a huge mile marker for me on a Sunday.
Hungry Runner girl always talks about this book. I put her name in purple because she loves that color LOL.  I was so happy to get this book in the mail. I have already started reading it and love it!! If you are not familiar with hungry runner girls blog you are missing out and you should go right now and check her out.  Hurry GO now!!!

Thursday, November 8, 2012


You know how you have days when you need groceries from everywhere.  Today was that day.  My daughter ALWAYS complains when I park at Costco.  "MOM she says, why do you park in the very back of the parking lot?"  You would think I would say exercise.  That should be what I say,  but NO! It's because I don't want to walk to return the cart.:)
My little one is pretty excited about chocolate cheerios.  I was excited about the price.  The Detour bars with less sugar from costco are amazing!!!! 
I had fish for dinner.  Another healthy food item I really want to LOVE but do not!!!  I try, I really do.  I have faith :) someday i will convince myself I do.   This new discovery made the fish surprisingly not to bad. Baked with no oils just baked in oven then covered with Trader joe's chunky guacamole.(that stuff is so tasty)   The other thing trader joe's had was fresh peas.  I didn't even have to pod the,. They were DELICIOUS!!
Exercise today was
treadmill 30 minutes
Jillian video 30 min


I totally forgot how much I LOVE working out to this show.  The only problem with it is the DANGER that may occur when you fall off the treadmill from laughing so hard!!!! Can't wait for the new season:).

Back to eating spaghetti squash for like EVERY meal.  WHY I LOVE IT, for 2 reasons.  I am a VERY hungry person!!! I like to eat,  I LOVE Parmesan cheese and tomato sauce.  I force salad down myself  hoping I will be healthy & love it but truthfully I HATE it with a  passion!!!That pile of food you see before you with the 5 TBSP of cheese was only 220 calories.  

Jilllian's video ripped is going well it has made me sore and the time flies by.  Jillian Michale's
protein powder I don't love so much however. I bought it thinking TRIPLE CHOCOLATE this will be great, when I crave a candy bar I will drink a shake.  They are both chocolate RIGHT?    IT is nothing the same:(.   I am hopeful when all the chocolate is out of my system it will taste a little better to me then it did today!!!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012


This is the picture that said to me "HEY ya might wanna get back on your diet:)"

As you can see by the numbers on the side my old habits not only CAUGHT up with me once again!!!  They stuck around a little toooo LONG.  I ordered some Jillian videos and was excited 2 days ago to receive them in the mail.  I am even more excited about the diet plan.  I looked it up and it seems very easy to follow.  Still I was  having a hard time finding the motivation to start up again.  It's strange before summer I actually started loving eating healthy.  I didn't even want sugar anymore.  Summer, Vacations, my back really causing me grief came along and I am back.:) I FREAKING LOVE THAT STUFF!!!!!!
As I have said I am someone who needs a plan,  something I am working towards or for.  AS if myself & my own health is not enough!!  Weird:) 

8 WEEK challenge-  My sister called and said she was starting this challenge with some people.  I got very excited.  I feel motivated once again.  Ya I know it is only day 3 but at the end of this 30 day Jillian thing I am hopeful for some great numbers and be back into my better old habits.  Man it's crazy how fast we can slip.
Jillian Michaels Ripped in 30   

Jillian Michaels: 6 Week Six-Pack

 Do ya think that big lovely roll around my middle half will be gone in 30 days, or the double chin?
Lets see if Jillian delivers as amazing of results as she says she does!!! 

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Healthy hearty salad & meal ideas

 These r from costco.  Only 150 caloriesput with 1oo calorie bun a little spicy mustard, laughing cow wedge.  So tasty, filling and under 300 calories.
 In the morning after I work out I am starving but I don't want to ruin my calories for the day and eat too much.  Some whole wheat toast with 1/2 cup cottage cheese, 1 tbsp of walnuts is super filling.  Gives me back my sugars & protein and is just under 300 calories.  Don't use diet bread you will still be starving when you are done use the hearty stuff.
 Chicken taco salad
3oz chicken
1/4 cup cheese
1 Tbsp sour ream
2 Tbsp salsa
red onion, lettuce, trader Joe's taco mix
 So filling So tasty and only 279 calories.  I like it best when I heat the chicken and salsa.

Costco was sampling this the other day man was it tasty.  It has all natural ing.  A whole package is only 300 calories and it's a filling as chili.  Also has tons of fiber & protien.

Friday, September 28, 2012


 First of all unless I am at Panera bread or somewhere that makes a good salad I TRULY dislike salad.  I have to FORCE myself to eat it. That was NOT the case with this salad.

 Lately I have not been in the mood for meat.  My boys however complain relentlessly when I don't serve it.  I made these 2 meals and I LOVED them both!!!!  The boys did not love the salad.  They are so HARD to please:)   If their diet consisted of ribs only they would be happy.
 I found this recipe on this site called  The salad is called Chipotle Chicken Taco salad.  It was divine.  LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!
 The boys had the chicken.  I had it without and LOVED it:)  I also used light sour cream and no one complained.
 I had some turkey burger that needed used.  I found this sauce for enchiladas at Trader Joe's the other day so I decided to put it together.  I was nice and put the turkey on the boys and did the recipe on the back of the bottle without meat for my own.
 I did not use corn tortillas.  I did not dip the tortillas in oil I could never bring myself to do that:)  I used flour tortillas for everyone but me.  I used the flat out ones for me.
The ones without meat are simply cheese, olives,  and onions I actually cheated and warmed one up for lunch and it was DELICIOUS!!!!! With the cheese they r for sure not the best diet food ever that's why I am exercising 2 times today:)

Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Some days I wake up JUST STARVING!!!!!!!  I stay this way all day long.  We all know when we are hungry it is hard to make good food choices.  I woke up this way today, when I am starving at lunch this is one of my favorite meals. A delicious black bean burger always does the trick to curb all my cravings.  It is a little high in sodium so if you are really watching that you might want to skip this one. 

Only 350 calories  8.5 fat grams of fat 14 grams of fiber  23 grams of protein

Monday, September 24, 2012


If you ever find your favorite class has become toooo easy for you.  You begin to wonder if it really pushes you enough.  STOP going for 8 weeks!!!!!  When you return your breathing may sound more like panting or hyperventilating.  You may miss half the steps because your memory is short & your just not quite sure what the split basic is Then the rest the class is on to the I step by the time you remember:).  Then you just might realize when you are mostly DEAD by the end of class.  WOW I was in amazing shape before.  I can't believe this class had become so easy.  Can't wait to get to that point again!

It actually went really well.  It felt great to be back!!!!

Saturday, September 22, 2012



This breakfast is a perfect start to your day.  It is packed full of protein plus as an added bonus contains 8 grams of fiber.  It easily keeps you satisfied until early lunch or later.  The best part is the sandwich itself only contains 275 calories, 9 fat grams, 5 of those come from the yolk in the egg.  It's a fabulous after workout breakfast due to the fact that it contains 23 grams of protein.

 Cook egg break yolk, toast muffin on grill, apply a cheese wedge, I usually use ham or Canadian bacon for the meat but I was out this morning and the turkey was actually delicious. 

I realize an egg Mcmuffin from Mcdonalds says it is only 300 calories.  So why waste the time to cook it yourself for 25 calories?  Higher fiber, higher protein, less fat, less sodium and well less of all the unhealthy stuff. I promise it will keep you full longer also. 

  If you have not tried these delicious cheese wedges.  WELL YOU MUST!!!!  I LOVE cream cheese and they complete that craving but are only 35 calories a wedge and 1.5 fat grams.  Truly amazing.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Herniated trigger point. UGH!!!!

I went to Idaho this summer. My youngest sister had her baby.   Upon my return I was doing Jillian Michale's the following day,  my back went CrAzYYY for literally the next 6 weeks.  It was wonderful, I was a wreck!!!!! I could not sit, it became uncomfortable to walk,  I was overly fatigued. It got to the point I really thought (NOT TO BE DRAMATIC) I thought I was dying:)  I had an MRI.  The brilliant doctor did my hip not my back. I went to this quack doctor who had me crying when I left.  He put me in the WORST pain!!!!  Then he had the nerve to say it hurts like that from holding still.  Your back will get better if you stay mobile.  DO you not understand DOC??????? I would not be here if I had the capability to be!!!!!!!!!!

  Then I went to the doctor I should have went to all along.    He did some chiropractic stuff on me and I was good as new.  Well close.  I was amazed how quickly he fixed my back he called it a herniated trigger  point.   (I think the reason he was so good is hes not really a  chiropractor) My depression (that had become severe, I thought it was partly because I missed Idaho so much:) from being flat on my back, exhausted, feeling sick, in pain whenever I moved was also gone immediately.  It is so amazing what finding the right doctor can do for someone.  Someone who actually knows what the heck they are doing.  I could not believe how my world changed overnight. I could sleep again,  I had all this energy to clean, I felt happy.  I woke up thinking I'M BACK:) :) :)


I've stayed at a 10 pound weight gain but look more like 20.  I've lost my muscle.  I was exercising 2  hours a day and eating pretty good.  I went to almost 0 exercising and the WORST eating you can imagine.  Yesterday was the first day in weeks I made it through a day without sugar.  I did have a blue rock-star and it was amazing.   

SO EXCITED to finally feel like my old self again.  So happy to realize it wasn't just me being a wimp ( I did worry about that some days)  So happy to realize I am not having depression issues.  My back was causing ALL problems.  It's fixed and the rest just fixed itself literally overnight including my self discipline.  SO SO happy to have my life back.

Sunday, July 15, 2012


This has been my frame of mind all week.  Man when you stray for a few weeks it is so hard to get back on track.  I have the exercising down.  I can truly say, I LOVE it.  If I had the time I would do even more.  The eating is kicking my butt. The healthy stuff just doesn't sound good.  My fridge is full of it yet  I STRUGGLE TO EAT IT:(  I had to toss 3 bags of salad today because they went bad, what a waste of money! I do really well in the morning & up until about 3 then I just want to eat.   I'm HUNGRY.  The other day when I worked out really hard I was so hungry I just couldn't seem to get full.  WHAT TO DO???? 

I'm going to try drinking more water. I'm going to force myself to eat more broccoli.   Wish me luck this week:)

Tuesday, July 10, 2012


 Went on Vacation, it was SUPER FUN!!!!!!  Started the week out AMAZING!!!  Ate good, really stayed focused on being healthy.  I am not sure what caused me to say to heck with this I want to eat.  The fact that everyone else was eating candy bars by the handfuls & they were my favorite kind.  Plus I had not been in contact with those delicious things for so  so LONG:)  It was weird at the first of the week not even a temptation.  I even worked out in the hotel.  When I decide to eat bad I should just say I'll have a cookie and be satisfied NOT!!!!!   On the one night I think I ate 15 cookies they were soooo good.  On the drive home I ate awful as well.   Let me tell you the saying you are what you eat is so true.  For me it is!  I eat garbage I truly feel like garbage, man sugar makes me so tired.  It puts me into a coma type state.  I eat tooo much of it at a time,  then I need a 20 minute nap to sleep it off.  WEIRD!  It's like my body is saying overload I can't process all this crap.  I have been doing good with exercise since I returned home.  I am one of those lucky peeps who need to be good with eating and exercise so it's time to get started again.  My body wants to start being healthy again. 

This book has a 3 day diet in it.  I cheat a little I eat chicken for some meals instead of fish, I use yogurt ranch instead of olive oil, It still works AMAZING!!!!!  I get rid of my excess water weight in those 3 days every time.  It will if followed,  take off 5-9 pounds easily in 3 days.  It is a little hard to stick to.   I'm not going to lie I kinda HATE, LOVE IT!!!!! 

Hate doing it day 1 I am so hungry all day and you better stay near a toilet you are peeing every hour or more.   When day 2 is half over you think is this worth it?  Then that night I have SO much energy from getting rid of all the garbage food in my body that I can't go to sleep.  Day 3 I just think about how good any food will taste after 3 days of this.  Sugar is slowly leaving my system, my face really slims down.  I have never taken the supplements he suggests and it still works very well.  I LOVE how good I feel at the end of the 3 days. 

Tuesday, June 19, 2012



I  was in step class the other day.  We had a sub so the class was moving VERY slow.  All the sudden it occurred to me I must really LOVE NIKE DRI-FIT stuff.  I was wearing it from my head to my toes. 
Truth is I do LOVE it,  so comfortable.  Wears like a dream,  love how the fabric just flows, love how it washes.  I love how the  socks squeeze around your feet. The socks are even dumb proof with a L & R just in case you weren't sure which foot to put your socks on:)  

Sunday, June 17, 2012


 GOTTA say I LOVE these videos.   The LIBRARY is truly one of the greatest places in the world.  It has never failed to amaze me.   I checked out the banish fat video the other day.  It made me sweat like crazy.  Literally it was like I had just went swimming when I finished this thing.  The first circuit,  I thought Jillian Michaels isn't so tough, this is a piece of cake, glad I didn't buy this.  I was singing a different tune when I finished.

The great thing is it's not that it's so tough you can't do it.  It is just split up so that it makes you sweat like crazy.  I love how it makes your heart pound during some parts. I decided to buy this video but wanted to get it on sale..
The next day rushing through Wal-mart on my way to the car.  (ON a lane that didn't even have videos)   I see these 2 videos in a box with 1 pound weights on clearance for 9 dollars.  WHY YES THANK YOU,  I THINK I WILL BUY THIS AMAZING DEAL!!!!!!!!!